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2017 Intramural Open Recap


2017 Intramural Open Recap

Our first Intramural Open was a huge success!

Points were awarded partly for workout completion and performance, and partly for social media posts and team spirit.
Workout participation was outstanding, with a 93% overall completion rate for both teams.
Team spirit was also fantastic, with each team coming up with a hilarious cheer & dance sequence.
About the only thing that could have been better was the social media game, so we’ll have to step that up next time.

The points breakdown is as follows:
Team Ikaika dominated most of the WOD’s, with few exceptions.
Team 2 Fit 2 Quit did better on the team spirit side of things, including an extra 5 points for getting Coach Hee to participate in their cheer (I heard a pastrami sandwich bribe was involved), and had a stronger showing in the Food Drive.
Team Ikaika did well enough in non-WOD things to make it close, but 2 Fit managed to pull off an impressive victory…by four points.

This means the inaugural RWS Intramural Open was decided by a pastrami sandwich.

Final score: Ikaika 137, 2F2Q 141.

Well played, 2F2Q. Well played indeed.

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