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3 Reasons to Keep a Log


3 Reasons to Keep a Log

Why should you track workouts?

…Wait, you aren’t already tracking your workouts?

Okay. Deep breath.

1. The best way to get results is with a structured training program.

This differs from aimless “exercise” by doing
everything with a purpose, towards a set goal.
A coherent training program builds on itself over time to achieve that.

If you don’t know what you’ve been doing,
you have no idea how to continue the program
and thus won’t get to your goals.

2. We can prove whether or not we’re making progress
by documenting what we put in and what we get out.

If any issues come up, we can then diagnose
and effectively troubleshoot them.

3. Seeing your progress over time is a great way to
stay motivated when things get shitty.

If you take this stuff seriously, eventually
it won’t all be sunshine and kittens.
When that happens you need something to keep you going.


Things to write in your training log:

  • food, at least until you’re dialed in
  • benchmark times (and loads where applicable)
  • lifts – sets, reps, tempo, and rest times
  • technique points to remember
  • how things are feeling
    (heavy/light, efficient/sloppy, fatigued/rested, injured/healthy)


Personally, I use a Word document that is 263 pages long as of 1/28/16.
(Thanks to the magic of Ctrl+F, I can flip through to
compare lifts and workouts instantaneously.)

It dates back 6 years.
I started logging PR’s after about three months of CrossFit
– which was three months too late – , and
I didn’t thoroughly document my training until 18 months in.

That was a HUGE mistake.
Learn from it.

Moral of the story:
Log everything.
You never know when that information will be useful.

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