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4 reasons not to do the Open


4 reasons not to do the Open

It’s Open season again…

So let me get something straight.

If you can do the following list of movements,
you should sign up for the Open:

  • overhead squat 65#/45#
  • unassisted pull-up (kipping)
  • barbell thruster 65#/45#
  • power clean 115#/75#

Those are the entry requirements for the “Scaled” division,
based on last year’s workouts at that level.
Any well-rounded CrossFitter past the novice stage can do all of those.
For Rx’d division, the list is a bit tougher (and kipping is allowed):

  • muscle-up
  • chest-to-bar pull-up
  • barbell thruster 95#/65#
  • power clean 185#/115#
  • overhead squat 120#/85#
  • double under
  • squat clean & jerk 165#/110#
  • snatch 115#/75#
  • handstand push-up
  • box jump 24”/20”
  • toes to bar

This is based on previous years’ Open WOD’s.

If some of those are out of reach it’s okay –
that’s why the Scaled division exists.

So now that we have that out of the way…

Reasons why someone would be reluctant to jump in:

1- Can’t do one or more of the movements on the “Scaled” list

(The pull-up is probably the most common limiter.)
I would still suggest doing the Open and plowing through what you can.

It will show you what you’re good at – and not so good at –
compared to your peers worldwide.
And chances are it will light a fire under you to fix your weaknesses.

2- You aren’t a competitive person

Yeah…I used to think I wasn’t competitive either.
Turns out I’m HIGHLY competitive…just cool-headed about it.
You might learn something similar about yourself.

And regardless of any competitive aspect, the Open is still a
valuable assessment tool to evaluate your progress.


3- You’re afraid of embarrassing yourself with low scores

Sack up.
Do your best and you have everything to be proud of.

There’s no better feeling after a workout than looking back
and knowing you gave it everything you had.

While high scores earn you props,
low scores do not merit disrespect from anyone.
All we care is that you tried.
Besides, you can’t win if you don’t play.

4- You can’t do any of the movements for the scaled workouts

This concern is actually legit.
At least get the basics down before throwing your hat in the ring.


Look, the Open is not like a regular competition.
If you can’t string together chest-to-bars,
squat snatch 150/100+, or run a mile under 8 minutes,
I’m not going to advise you to enter a normal comp.

But this is different – this caters specifically to
beginners AND elite exercisers, on a large enough scale
for anyone to figure out their peer group
and strive to beat them wherever they can.

I’m doing the Open.

Who’s with me?

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