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Angie B.


Angie B.

(via Facebook)

A year ago this month I walked into this place, RWS CrossFit.

I felt intimidated by the looks of the gym – not your regular gym with machines and mirrors on the wall; however I gave it a shot!

The best decision ever!!!

I love what I do, lifting heavy weights, and I feel free, I feel ALIVE when I am here at RWS.
It definitely has changed me in so many ways such as eating healthier, I’m stronger, energetic and feeling great about myself.
Hey! I can keep up with my girls at the park! It’s the best feeling ever and I love the coaches, very knowledgeable and down to earth.

Thank you RWS for helping me make these changes and discovering the things I am capable of doing…
‘Lifting heavy shit for fun!’ (your quote Justin) 🙂

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