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Calvin S.


Calvin S.

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Last Sunday marked my one year anniversary with RWS CrossFit.
Looking back on my goal sheet from my first day, I saw that my number one goal for a year from then would be to clean and jerk my body weight, and I wasn’t confident I would meet that goal.

On Monday (one year and a day later) I clean & jerked 255#, 15 lbs from 1.5x bodyweight.
I can’t say enough how much my experience at RWS has exceeded my expectations in every way.
I started CrossFit as a means to stay fit, but have learned the true value that a place like RWS holds.
It’s not a place to just train your body.
It’s a place to train as a whole person, and I think we all know how that feels.
It’s why we keep coming back.

I have much to be thankful for, but I couldn’t be more thankful to get to train with everyone at RWS every day.
I owe a great deal to Justin for giving me this opportunity to develop as a athlete, and an amazing environment to do it in.
And I owe everything to the RWS family.
We’ve trained together, we’ve fought together, and we will continue to grow together.
You all know who you are.
Here’s to many more years at RWS!

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