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CFT Meet Recap


CFT Meet Recap

Most people here already know this, but RWS is sort of a hybrid gym.
We are a CrossFit gym, but we heavily emphasize strength and movement quality as a foundation for fitness.
So our most popular competitions in-house are our lifting meets – they’re the ones people seem to look forward to the most, and just a hell of a lot of fun.

The objective is twofold.

Our advanced lifters periodize their training to peak, so we can push the envelope and test true 1RM’s.

And for our newer athletes (novice to intermediate), it gives them an opportunity to open up the throttle and get an idea of their true capabilities in a tightly controlled setting.
It’s pretty motivating to find out you can lift way the hell more weight than you thought.

This was our third lifting meet, and our first CrossFit Total meet.
It was a smashing success – not only did it surpass my expectations, it even surpassed what I’d hoped for.

Our more experienced folks all hit PR’s (with the technical exception of Kyle, but he’s now within 5% of his lifetime PR’s after only being back for like two months from a long hiatus so I count that as a big win).

And our newer folks lifted way more weight than they anticipated with more in the tank, which was precisely the plan. The only failed lifts were from technical errors – that’s how you learn the specifics of moving heavy-ass weight, and we make sure to use each lift as a learning experience.

Pictures are on the website, and also posted in an album here.
We only had one cameraperson – not an optimal scenario – so videos are on assorted people’s phones.
I’ll work on getting them consolidated and up on our pages.

As a coach, I’m super proud to see the fruits of everyone’s labor.
When people of all levels are still making gains, it proves that we’re doing something right here.
Lots of hard work is paying off.

The next meet will be at the end of this training cycle, in about 3 months.
We’d love to see lots of folks there!

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