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Cooking with T-bo – Meatza


Cooking with T-bo – Meatza

The picture may not look like much, but I’m not one for presentation.

We’re in the middle of our Summer Shred nutritional challenge here at RWS,
and there was only one problem with that…

Pizza tastes fucking amazing.
But it’s absolutely awful for you, generally speaking.
Full-fat cheese, fatty pork-centric meats, and a thick bready crust?
You’re looking at a LOT of fat and carbs, and not enough protein to justify either.

So what do you do when you get a craving for that wonderful savory
Italian import cuisine, and you’re watching your macros?

You do it yourself.

Here’s a breakdown of our first experiment with “Meatza.”
I’ll include our planned modifications for next time at the end.

Prep time: *shrug*
Cook time: *shrug*
Total time: about an hour

1. Mix 3# ground turkey (90% lean), 3 eggs, and Italian seasonings.
This is the crust.
Bake at 450F on a baking sheet, 15 min or so.
It will leak – make sure the sheet has a lip around it or your oven is gonna get messy.
While this is baking, cook up a pound of bacon and 1.25# of turkey Italian sausage.
Chop up the meats (when they’re cooked), and some fresh basil.

2: Dump a whole jar o’ pizza sauce on the crust.
Layer on the bacon, sausage, and basil, along with 3 oz. of turkey pepperoni.

3: Create your cheese blanket.
We used 12 oz. part-skim mozzarella and 3 oz. Parmesan.

4: Add your flavor plants.
I hate vegetables on pizza, but red pepper and pineapple are awesome.
Cut 1 red bell pepper into strips, and pile it on top of the meatza with a can of pineapple chunks.

Broil until cheese is slightly brown, and bubbly.

Final macros (approximate): 310g fat, 50g carbs, 510g protein
Final weight: 6-7 pounds.
This made a total of four meals.

Changes for next time:
-scale it down a bit, basically – 2# of turkey for the crust instead of 3
-nix the sausage and add fennel seed to the crust
-sautee up some garlic, add to cheese blanket
-divide the sauce into two layers – one just above the crust and one just below the cheese
-estimated macros: 220g fat, 50g carbs, 340g protein

Yes, this is a little high in fat blah blah blah…
look, it’s WAY healthier than regular pizza.
And it tastes pretty damn good.



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