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Cooking with T-bo – Mexican


Cooking with T-bo – Mexican

Y’know, I’ll be honest.
Putting what I eat on the daily online…it’s almost a little embarrassing.
Not because it’s unhealthy or anything – quite the opposite, I practice 100% of what I preach – but because it’s so…bachelor-y.

My meals are giant mishmashes with absolutely zero fucks given for presentation or appearance, assembled strictly on the basis of functionality and efficiency, and seasoned only to the point of edibility and almost as an afterthought.

But evidently some people actually like reading this stuff.

Here’s another linner staple of mine. This one may actually taste the best, at least to my palate.
And yes, I said “linner.” Deal with it.

I don’t think “taco slop” sounds too appetizing, but…
Fuck it. “Taco Slop.”

Once again…
God bless Costco.
Oh, and the veggies come from Stater Bros cuz they’re cheap.


Cook time: 30 minutes? I dunno, I do it while washing the previous day’s tupperware and/or screwing around on my phone.

– non-stick skillet
– rubberized spatula of some sort
– probably a vegetable peeler and knife
– …that’s it

– 1.5 pound tray of 93/7 ground turkey (in the refrigerated section – you know, the ones that are like $16-17 for a 4-pack)
– Hot sauce (Cholula is simply the best, let’s be real here)
– taco seasoning…lots of it
– 1 large egg
– 2 carrots, peeled and sliced into chunks
– 1 cup frozen spinach or frozen peas (I don’t really like that many vegetables, apparently)

0. If you froze your ground turkey, defrost for 24 hours in refrigerator. Otherwise you gotta wait 15 minutes for the microwave to do it.
1. Put skillet on stove. Turn on heat. Add tray of turkey.
2. Put a SHIT-TON of taco seasoning on the brick of turkey sitting in your skillet. Like, coat that motherfucker in a blanket of reddish-brown. Cover.
3. When bottom half of turkey is mostly browned, flip/stir/whateverthefuck so the rest gets cooked. If there’s any part that doesn’t look seasoned…you know what to do. Re-cover.
4. As the turkey is cooking (the juices cooking out should keep the bottom from sticking, hopefully), peel and chop up the carrots. Toss them in and re-cover.
5. Once the turkey is all cooked, throw in your frozen green vegetable of choice. Stir.
Also add your Cholula. I don’t measure. I just douse.
6. When the vegetables look at least fully thawed, crack that egg and stir it in there.
It acts as a binding agent which makes all this easier to choke down in quantity, plus the extra protein never hurt nobody.
Once this pile of wonder is no longer a translucent gelatinous mess and the veggies are cooked…you’re done!

Serves one.

Macros (approximate):
Fat – 47g
Carbs – 20g maybe?
Protein – 132g

This has kind of a lot of salt in it.
Don’t worry, that’s not bad for you or anything – the body is quite good at self-regulation, despite what some idiots and ignoramuses would have you believe.
(I never bought into the “salt = bad” dogma since there was never an explanation that made sense, and now science is backing me up by thoroughly debunking the myth.)
Just make sure you drink lots of water.

Now, I imagine there are quite a few people reading this that’d split this into two, or even three meals.
That’s fine. A couple years ago I probably would have done the same.

Hell, if you’re female with a target body weight under 160#, you could pretty much just divvy this up into meals for an entire day.
Maybe add in a couple eggs and bit o’ carbs at breakfast, more carbs pre/post-workout, and you’re good to go.


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