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Cooking with T-bo – Thai Green Curry


Cooking with T-bo – Thai Green Curry

Apparently I can’t only rotate between two different linners during the week without wanting to tear my hair out after awhile.

In the interest of saving time during the week and maybe, just maybe getting enough sleep, I’ve begun cooking giant batches of chicken (we’re talking 6-7 pounds at once) on Sundays and stuffing it into tupperware for the week.

This way, I just dump about a pound and a half of pre-cooked chicken into a pan, add vegetables and my sauce of choice (plus one egg), and I’m good to go. Takes about 15 minutes, rather than the usual 45 when you have to wait for the damn chicken to cook.

I happen to really like Thai food, and I’ve cooked green curry before – like, from a recipe and everything – so of course I decided to make a lazy man’s version.

Here goes: “Thai Green Chicken Curry for those who fucking hate to/really suck at/have no time for cooking.”
It’s pretty f’ing tasty, actually.

Ingredients come from multiple locations – chicken from Costco, sauce from Trader Joe’s, and veggies from Stater Bros.

– non-stick skillet
– rubberized spatula of some sort
– probably a vegetable peeler and knife
– …that’s it

– 1.5 pounds of chicken breast and/or thighs, pre-cooked and seasoned with black pepper because you’re awesome like me, cut into chunks
– Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce (it’s $2.49 for a 12-oz jar)
– 1 cup frozen bell pepper strips (you can get them in a one-pound bag for like $2)
– 1 cup frozen peas
– 1 large egg
– 2 carrots, peeled and sliced into chunks

0. Cook a silly amount of chicken breasts and thighs ahead of time. Cut into chunks as they cook. Refrigerate.
1. Throw about 1.5 pounds of said chicken into your handy-dandy large skillet.
2. Add vegetables. Cover for a few minutes until they thaw.
3. Crack your egg and toss it in. Stir until the egg appears to be somewhat cooked.
4. Add the whole friggin’ jar of simmer sauce. It’s super thick. The water from the veggies and chicken should thin it out a little bit. Stir.
5. Cover and let simmer for 10-15 minutes. Stir occasionally so you don’t get stuff cooking unevenly.
6. When the sauce’s viscosity has evened out and it’s bubbling throughout, turn off the heat, stir it a bit more, and you’re good to go.

Serves one.

Macros (approximate):
Fat – 50g
Carb – 50g
Protein – 140g

So, similar to my posting about Taco Slop: For many ladies (or guys that can’t eat like a man yet) this is pretty much an entire day’s worth of food…or at least several day’s worth of lunches.
Maybe add in some post-workout carbs and a protein shake or something.


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