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LivingSocial/Amazon Local FAQ


LivingSocial/Amazon Local FAQ

If you purchased one of the LivingSocial or Amazon Local deals we ran, here’s what you need to know about how this works.

1. Where is my coupon valid?
The voucher is valid only at RWS CrossFit in Anaheim; it is not good at any other CrossFit locations since all affiliates are independent entities.

2. How long is my voucher good for?
Your voucher is valid for either six months or one year after the end of the offer period (when you purchased it); it should say on the voucher when it expires. At that point the value reverts back to what you paid for it ($30). As long as you contact us about redeeming it before the expiration date, we’ll honor the full promotional value of your voucher.

3. Can I just show up to redeem my voucher?
Not unless you have a significant amount of CrossFit experience. We need to teach you the movements in a controlled setting before throwing you into a class.

4. Can I just show up if I have prior weightlifting/boot camp/gym experience?
See #3. If you don’t have enough CrossFit experience to tell me your max clean & jerk and your Fran time (probably several months experience at least), it don’t count. This is a safety issue for you and a sanity issue for us. We are very strict in terms of movement quality here–more so than many other CrossFit gyms–and we need to take the time to instill those expectations into you. If you have prior weightlifting experience it will definitely help shorten your time to proficiency in here, but you still gotta put in the time.

5. How do I learn the movements?
Great question! Email to set up your three on-ramp sessions. Please include what days and times you’re available throughout the week (options are our normal class times), and we’ll get you set up as soon as possible.

6. What’s an on-ramp?
Y’know, when you get on the freeway–oh, you mean here. Your on-ramp consists of three increasingly challenging sessions designed to teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit [basic bodyweight and gymnastics, kettlebells, and weightlifting], get you acclimated to the intensity of the workouts, and prepare you to hang with the big boys and girls in the group class. These sessions are not easy, but neither is CrossFit; they’re also doable, and so is CrossFit. On-ramp scheduling is based on weekly availability‚ÄĒMonday through Friday, with no early-morning classes on Thursday (before 11am).

7. How many people will be in these classes?
No more than two people will be in any one on-ramp class. We want to keep it small and personal so that you get high-quality coaching. Since we run 6 classes per day, this means we’ll have a total of 12 available spots daily. (8 on Thursday)
8. Who is running these classes?
All introductory classes are lead by one of our certified coaches, with the curriculum designed by Justin the head coach. You’re getting the real deal here.
9. When do my 30 days start?
Your 30 days start when you redeem your first on-ramp class.
10. What happens after my initial 30 days?
After your first month, if you wish to continue training at RWS CrossFit you can sign up as a full-fledged member with all the rights and privileges contained therein. For more information on that, we’ll be more than happy to answer all questions after your first session.

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