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Diana S.


Diana S.

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When I first walked into RWS I was scrawny, intimidated by what I *thought* CrossFit was, and unsure of my ability to – as Justin says, “Lift heavy shit.”
I hadn’t had a real workout since high school. . . That was 10 years ago.

I am still so amazed how quickly my body has transformed into one of an athlete.
I have muscles now!
I am toned, and my belly has flattened- and I swear I can see the beginnings of a six pack!

I’ll be honest, the first month of going to RWS I had a hard time motivating myself to go.
But after that I would find myself actually looking forward to going…and I’m lazy and can find an excuse for anything.

But really, this has been such a positive and transforming experience for me.
Not just physically, but mentally I’ve been able to push myself to accomplish workouts that I thought were impossible too.
The confidence that I’ve gained is worth it alone.

And what makes it so wonderful is that Justin figures out all the confusing technical aspects.
What you get each week is a concise, well put together string of workouts that incorporates your whole body effectively.
Yes, things hurt.
But you don’t leave feeling like you want to die.
You walk out proud, accomplished, and stronger.

Oh, and the support here is great too.
We’re all here for the same reasons after all, right?
Well there aren’t egos at this gym, just real people that are genuinely excited when you make a PR – even if it’s better than theirs 😉
You push yourself as hard as you want to.
You won’t have anyone yelling at you or putting you down if you fail a lift or don’t finish a workout.
But I’ll guarantee that if you stick with RWS you’ll have the confidence and support to achieve results better than you could expect!

The best part is you can try it out for free!


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