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“Fish oil? What the heck does THAT do?”


“Fish oil? What the heck does THAT do?”

It makes you leaner, smarter, stronger, and less likely to die.

Yeah, it’s kinda important.
I’ll explain how it works.

Fish oil refers to, specifically, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid).
These are essential fats that you MUST consume for optimal health. No way around that one.
There’s a variety of potential sources you can get these fats from, but the easiest & cheapest way would be from a high-grade fish oil supplement since our industrially-manufactured food supply tends to have them in uselessly scarce quantities.

Now let’s go back to high school biology for a second.
Remember how your body consists of trillions of cells?
Well, each of these cells is surrounded by a fat-based membrane. Since water is the main medium of transit for moving stuff throughout the body, it makes sense for there to be a tiny layer of fat regulating what gets in and out of the cells.

EPA and DHA do two very important things.

First: They change the composition of your cells’ membranes, making them more fluid.
Here’s why that matters.

  • chemicals from your brain get messages through more easily
    • this assists brain development in children, which is why DHA is in prenatal vitamins
    • helps prevent neurological degeneration in adulthood
  • makes it easier for your muscles to take in nutrients
    • reduces the amount of insulin required to do its job (a key factor in cardiovascular health)
    • makes your fat cells less-inclined to take in nutrients and more-inclined to release fat for fuel

Second: They promote signaling molecules that reduce inflammation and pain.
Some benefits of that…

  • opens up blood vessels and thins blood
    • helps prevent heart attacks & strokes
  • dilates the airway
    • important for preventing asthma attacks
    • also important for…um…breathing

You may have heard of omega-6 fats, which do essentially the opposite of omega-3’s.
These are also essential fats that we need to live, but don’t worry about those – you probably get too many of them as it is. They’re overly abundant in processed food, including industrially-raised livestock.
So just worry about your omega-3’s.

How much to take?

For a clinically-effective dose, you need at least 2000mg of EPA+DHA.
The tolerable upper limit for most folks seems to be around 4000mg; you may run into digestive issues if you take more than that. I recommend this stuff from Costco.

Fish oil is one of those essential “life hacks,” so to speak – it’s a highly cost-effective way to increase your overall health and performance, and it’s absolutely crucial in unlocking your body’s full potential.

And that’s it! Go pop some fish oil!

Shoutout to Precision Nutrition for being an amazing font of information.

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