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Fixing the piriformis – The ultimate wedgie


Fixing the piriformis – The ultimate wedgie

Okay, so in case you can’t watch the video for whatever reason…

Let’s talk about the piriformis.

It’s one of your most important hip external rotators, and it helps with hip extension as well.

When this muscle gets short/stiff/tight/whatever,
getting into the start position of a deadlift
or the bottom position of a squat becomes more difficult.
Also, it tends to cause sacroiliac joint pain, sciatica, and other not-fun things in the hip region.

So how do we get to it?
Well, you need to know where it is first.
It runs from the front of the sacrum out to the greater trochanter of the femur.

Translation: It runs horizontally right through the middle of your butt cheek,
deep inside the hip, and the innermost part of it is VERY awkward to get to.

You actually have to hook around the butt cheek, like, RIGHT next to your butthole,
to get to the medial attachment of the muscle.
Be careful.

Yeah nobody probably told you that one.
I’d suggest trying it when you’re in the shower, alone, so nobody can judge you.

Anyway, apart from giving yourself the gnarliest wedgie ever,
you can also smash out the rest of piriformis sitting on an owie ball.
It’s not complicated. Just stick the ball right in the middle of your butt cheek,
and find the thick tight bundle of muscle about the size of a cucumber.


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