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How Heather took charge of her fitness and got on the “gainz” train


How Heather took charge of her fitness and got on the “gainz” train

[Note: Heather has been part of the RWS family for some time,
but after spinning her wheels for awhile
she decided to buckle down and make some changes.
She won our Summer Shred, and nearly won the Fall Shred as well.
Her progress in the past six months has been remarkable,

and on top of quickly becoming one of our strongest athletes
she’s a shining example of the difference nutrition makes.]


I first started working out at RWS in April 2014.
You could say I attended classes 2 to 3 times a week on a somewhat regular basis.
I would miss a week or two at a time because
“life happens” but still went in when I could make time.
2015 came around and I was not seeing the results I was hoping for.
So I started working out 3 to 4 times a week on a consistent basis and
started making WODs a priority rather than only when convenient.
I began to notice improvements on mobility, lifts, endurance,
and all the things one would expect from regular exercise.
But it was still just that, exercise.
Justin has been telling me since I first started all the foods and sugars
that I would need to stop eating if I ever wanted to see real results.
I can be pretty set in my ways, and I really enjoy food,
so I was never too excited about drastically changing my diet to really start losing weight.
I decided to participate in the Summer Shred to see just
how much I would need to change my diet to “fit my macros.”***
I was nervous and not expecting to do well at all.
Someone has to come in last right?
I like pizza and pasta and beer and there were
not nearly as many carbs in my macros as I was used to eating.
The first few days of the Shred I’m pretty sure I
only ate chicken and eggs as a baseline.
From there I started THINKING about my meals.
I could still eat french fries for lunch.
It just meant that I couldn’t have potatoes with dinner.
The meals became easier to think about and plan as the weeks went on
and I actually felt like I was consuming more food than before.
I was surprised to see that I could still eat pizza and pasta, just not on the same day.
My biggest challenge during the shred was breaking my snacking habits.
I sit at a desk all week and would constantly snack on chips and nuts and such
which quickly chipped away at my carb allowance.
It took a while but I was slowly able to change what and WHEN I ate
to minimize the urge to snack, feel full after meals,
and stay within my macro target zones.
After just a few weeks I realized I was down a belt notch and my clothes were fitting better.
Every week I was hitting a new PR whether it was
lifting more, completing more rounds, or finishing faster.
I FINALLY felt like I was making progress.
I never bothered to weigh myself when I originally started,
I guess I just didn’t want to know.
I do know that I didn’t lose any noticeable weight/fat
between January 2015 and starting the Shred in June.


For the first time I really FEEL like an athlete.
During the 6-week Shred, I lost 7.5 pounds, 3 inches off my waist and 2.5 off my hips.
I would never have seen that change if I hadn’t changed my diet
(which really didn’t change as much as I originally feared it would have to).
The Shred helped me become more aware of what I was eating and make better choices.
I could still eat a whole pizza if I wanted to, I just had to
plan to and eat other meals accordingly.
Since then, I have continued to follow the “diet” and continue to take tremendous leaps.
I have dialed in what I should eat and when to the point
where I still regularly eat potatoes, pasta, or rice at least once a day
and can even enjoy a beer or two.
In the 6 months since changing my diet I have
lost 25 pounds and 8.5 inches total
(5 from the waist, 3.5 from the hips),
and have continued to PR on a regular basis.
While I now work out 4-6 times a week, almost
all my progress can be attributed to changing my diet.
Regardless of what the scale says, I feel healthier and
stronger than I have in a VERY long time.
I have always considered myself to be athletic
but for the first time I really FEEL like an athlete.
And there is such great support from all the
coaches and members at RWS.
It doesn’t matter what condition you’re in when start,
everyone simply pushes you to do better than you did yesterday.
 *** “Macros” (macronutrients) = daily grams of fat, carbs, and protein
prescribed to each person based on body type and goals

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