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How to Avoid Running Like a Spaz


How to Avoid Running Like a Spaz

First off, thanks to the folks at Oak Strength (fellow MadLab facility in Roscoe, IL) for this piece.

Running, believe it or not, CAN be fun.
…Or at least not a completely terrible experience.
You just have to know what you’re doing – in other words, how to not run like a spaz.

Read the original article here.

Here’s the rough gist of it.

Most importantly:
Be mindful of your body positions when you’re running.

If you don’t, you’ll be flailing all over the place with arms and legs going every which way.
So pay attention to your core tension, breathing, and where your feet are landing.

In terms of running stride, think of it as bouncing from one foot to the other,
with minimal energy expenditure in the process.

You also want to land with your weight on the front half of the foot,
rather than stomping your heels into the ground (this slows you down, and just sucks).

Lastly, try to keep your strides relatively short and quick.
The more strides you take in a minute, the faster you’ll run!

For more details, here’s the original article again.

[As a side note, this specifically refers to runs over a quarter-mile.
Sprint technique differs slightly from running technique
the emphasis is on power and vertical propulsion.]

Happy running!

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