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March Madness Competition


March Madness Competition

March Madness will be a fun & friendly all-levels competition. We will have a two-part individual competition AND a mixed team competition shortly after, for a grand total of three events.

Sign-up link: Click here to sign up online

Location: RWS CrossFit – 1133 N Fountain Way, Anaheim 92806

Date: March 1st, 2014

Time: Check-in starts at 9:00am

Cost: $40, which includes an event T-shirt and contribution to the winners’ prizes. Email shirt size to

Workouts: There will be three workouts–two individual, and one team. Everyone signs up for one of three skill levels–advanced, intermediate, and scaled–with prizes going to the top finishers in each division.

Skill level guidelines:

  • Advanced: C&J 225+#/155+# (men/women), able to rep out chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Intermediate: C&J 175-220#/115-145# (men/women), able to rep out kipping neck-to-bar pull-ups
  • Scaled: everyone else

Individual WOD 1: CrossFit Open 14.1, whatever that’s going to be–hopefully it won’t be seven minutes of burpees again. Those formally participating in the Open will have a chance to get their scores validated.

Individual WOD 2: Three mini-WOD’s in one.
A: 10 minutes to find a 2RM clean & jerk. 30 second time limit to complete both reps. Score is top successful load in pounds.
B: After a 2-minute transition period, max back squats in 2 minutes with 75% of the top set from 2-A. Score is total volume (reps * load).
C: After a 1-minute transition period, run 533 meters for time.

Team WOD: Each team consists of four athletes from different gyms and different ability levels. 10-minute AMRAP, four stations. Team rotates when all members finish their set.

Station A: 10 burpee box get-ups (jump or step)

  • Advanced: men – 30″, women – 24″
  • Intermediate: men – 24″, women – 20″
  • Scaled: scale as needed

Station B: 10 deadlifts

  • Advanced: men – 245#, women – 165#
  • Intermediate: men – 185#, women – 125#
  • Scaled: same load as score from WOD 2A

Station C: 10 pull-ups

  • Advanced: Chest-t0-bar (kip allowed)
  • Intermediate: Neck-to-bar (kip allowed)
  • Scaled: Jumping

Station D: 10 wall balls

  • Advanced: men – 20# to 12′ target, women – 14# to 10′ target
  • Intermediate: men – 20# to 10′ target, women – 14# to 9′ target
  • Scaled: scale as needed

Total team score is the combined total of all completed reps. Prizes go to best team.

Bring: Snacks, beverages, chairs. We have a water cooler for your convenience, but please bring a water bottle so we can save some cups. We also have Quest bars for sale if you get hungry, and beer if you feel the need to get your post-WOD drink on. We also have some mobility tools (lacrosse balls, foam rollers, etc) and warm-up equipment but you may want to bring your own.

Don’t bring: Pets, drugs, guns, WMD’s

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