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Cooking with T-bo – Awesome & easy Paleo appetizers


Cooking with T-bo – Awesome & easy Paleo appetizers

I’ll describe a situation I’ve been in a few times, that maybe you can relate to.

Imagine: You’ve been invited to a party, gala event, or other non-barbecue social function…
and regular (read: non-lifter) folks comprise the majority of attendees.

Two thoughts go through your mind:
1. There won’t be nearly enough meat there.
2. Etiquette dictates that I bring something to contribute,
lest I devour all the meat like a rampaging locust swarm.

We can address both of those problems with one easy recipe.

Cook time: 20-30 min


  • Pulled-pork-in-a-can (thanks, Costco!) – 3 pounds
    -or- …y’know, actual pulled pork (slow-cooked pork shoulder)
  • Dry rub seasoning of choice – enough to coat the pork
  • Mini sweet peppers – 4 pounds
  • Guacamole – 2 pounds

Dump cans-o’-pork into a large skillet coated with bacon grease (or butter).
Coat the pork with dry rub and stir-fry until crispy.
While the pork is cooking, rinse the sweet peppers and cut the tops off.
Pull the seeds out.

There are three ways to present this:

  1. When the pork is done, stuff the peppers with it.
    Arrange them all on a platter. Add a tablespoon of guac to each just before serving.
    This would be necessary for cocktail hors d’ouevres.
  2. Leave all three entities separate in their own bowls.
    Let each person self-serve and eat as they see fit.This is my preference, since I’m lazy and hate bothering with food presentation,
    and also because there’s less opportunity for things to get fucked up.
    This would be ideal for buffet-style.
  3. Stuff the peppers, but leave the guac separate for people to self-serve.
    I…don’t know why you’d want to do this.

Another option could be to have barbecue sauce as a side condiment.
Any kind will do, but I’d recommend a sweet mustard-based Carolina-style sauce.
Put that on the pork before the guac, or perhaps cook the pork with it if you like.

Anyway! You end up with a simple, delicious appetizer that can double as a meal in a pinch.
Because who doesn’t like sweet peppers, guac, and pulled pork, right?

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