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The RWS code for fitness


The RWS code for fitness

Our name is our goal: Real World Strength.

We want you to build strength and fitness in a way that directly benefits your life.

Since long-term consistency is the single most important factor in fitness success,
we want to make sure our approach to training supports that.

Some people get the idea that fitness means all-in, balls-to-the-wall every day,
no rest, no breaks, and perfect eating all the time.
Maybe they see professional athletes do this and think
“I want to be like ______, I need to do what they’re doing!”

I mean, the logic is sound, right?

People who train and eat like monks all the time are one of two groups:

1- People with a LOT to lose
-getting paid lots of money to be in the best shape possible (professional athletes, movie stars)
-people who have extreme adverse physical reactions to alcohol or junk food (alcohol allergy, Celiac, Crohn’s, autoimmune disorders)

2- People who will burn out FAST, fall off completely, and soon find themselves
right back where they started if not worse

Since you’re probably more likely to be in group 2 than group 1…
Here’s what we advocate.

  • It starts in Fundamentals.
    This is where we get you in the habit of coming to the gym, doing legit work, and not making excuses.
    We’ll also give you movement and mobility tips, recipe ideas, and get you thinking about food as more than just “stuff you put in your mouth that tastes good.”
  • Once you graduate Fundamentals you can transition to group classes.
    As a graduate you’ll have a solid understanding of whatever we might throw at you so you won’t feel “lost.”
    Plus you’ll already have met many of your new training partners, so you don’t have to worry
    about doing something new with a bunch of people you don’t know.
    Quite the contrary – you’ll be refining your movement skills alongside buddies!
  • We want you to come into the gym at least three times per week – most people see the best results that way.
    On other days, do active things OUTside the gym.
    Go out in nature, play with the family, try out new activities or sports, and go on adventures!
    This helps you see the REAL WORLD STRENGTH you’re developing at RWS!

So here’s our code for long-term fitness:

  • Come in the gym and train 3+ times per week
  • Eat clean MOST of the time but loosen up and enjoy yourself 1-2 meals per week
  • Go out in nature and/or play a sport once a week
  • Go on an adventure at least once a year

This will ensure that you’re motivated and ready to kick ass year-round for many years to come!

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