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The RWS Guide to Macros


The RWS Guide to Macros

Macros, brah.

Eating the correct amounts of fat, carbs, and protein (and by extension, calories) on a daily basis is 80% of the nutritional battle.
Seriously. There’s a great article on JTS here that talks about it.

So how do you figure out exactly how much to eat?
Well, trial and error mostly, but I can get you in the ballpark.

First let’s figure out your long-term ideal body weight.
This is a function of your height and frame.

BWT = body weight (pounds)
H = height (inches)

Men: BWT = 7H – 300
Women: BWT = 6.6H – 290

These equations are for medium builds (as determined by joint thickness, shoulder/hip width).
Slimmer builds can subtract 5 or 10%; thicker builds add 10 or 20%.

This isn’t the weight you should be at tomorrow, per se.
It’s only a prediction for the body weight you would end up at after 10 years of functional fitness training…
or, when you’re at 85-90% of your genetic potential for running, lifting, AND gymnastic abilities.
We’re also assuming an approximate body fat percentage of 10% for men and 15% for women.

[As an example, I’m 5’10.5″ with a slightly thin build, which would put my ideal BWT at about 184#.
Considering I’m 176# when lean and at about 80% of my overall genetic potential after 7 years of training, it works out.]

If you’re more than 10# over your target BWT, you want to lean out.
If you’re within 10# of your target BWT, you probably want to maintain.
If you’re more than 10# under your target BWT, you want to gain.

So now that we have that figured out, how much should you eat?


Leaning out–
Fat (grams) = 50% target BWT (pounds)
Carbs = 75% target BWT
Protein = 100% target BWT

Fat = 50% BWT
Carbs = 100% BWT
Protein = 100% BWT

Fat = 75% target BWT
Carbs = 120% target BWT
Protein = 100% target BWT


Leaning out–
Fat = 45% target BWT
Carbs = 70% target BWT
Protein = 90% target BWT

Fat = 45% BWT
Carbs = 90% BWT
Protein = 90% BWT

Fat = 70% target BWT
Carbs = 110% target BWT
Protein = 90% target BWT

Remember, this is just a starting point.
Everyone has different specific needs based on various metabolic factors, so here are the adjustments you may need to make:

1. If you’re trying to lean out and not losing weight…
Try cutting carbs by 5% and re-evaluate.
Make sure stress and sleep are taken care of.

2. For those trying to maintain
If you’re losing weight, adjust all macros up until everything is stable.
Don’t cut protein if you’re gaining weight, only cut fat and carbs a little at a time.

3. If you’re on the gain train
Just add food until the scale starts going up.
Worry about the details later when we’re tightening up body composition.

4. You also can mix up your approach over time.
I’m not talking about “bulking and cutting” because that’s stupid and it doesn’t work.
I’m talking more like lean out for a couple months, then maintain for a few weeks to regain any lost strength without gaining fat.
Or gain for a couple months, then maintain for a few weeks to trim away any excess accumulated fat.
Whatever keeps you happy and motivated.

I mean if you want long-term progress, anyway.
This doesn’t have to be a permanent lifestyle change, usually a few weeks will teach you an immense amount.
You just need a reasonable quantitative estimate of what you’re shoving into your pie hole on the daily.

Get that dialed in and I promise you will like the result.

You already bust your ass in the gym, so back that shit up in the kitchen.
No one fucking cares if it’s “hard.”
That’s life.

No. Excuses.

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