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Training in the heat?


Training in the heat?

TL;DR version:

When it’s hot and humid, you may not be able to go as hard in your workouts.
Just stay hydrated and focus on refining your movement skills,
and you’ll still get good benefit from training.

Full version:
So when it’s stupidly hot and/or humid outside,
as it’s been here the past couple of weeks,
are you seriously supposed to train?!


But here’s the thing I’ve learned.
Dry heat is easy – just stay hydrated and you’ll be fine.
Overheating only becomes an issue when you run out of water.

Humid heat, on the other hand, is a problem.
Your body can’t cool itself off effectively because sweat doesn’t evaporate.
Heart rate skyrockets far more than normal as your body
desperately tries to get blood to the skin’s surface, and
you can forget PR’s on anything longer than about 5 minutes.

But you can’t just NOT train longer time domains, or skip training altogether.
Fitness backslides, you get into a rut, and then you have inertia to overcome.

Here’s what I suggest.

While heat is terrible for “cardio,” it’s fantastic for strength and power work.
Warming up is near-instantaneous, staying loose is a breeze,
and overheating is much less of an issue by default.
This means it’s easier to hit a PR on your lifts.

So hit your lifts hard, staying hydrated the whole time.

When it’s time to do conditioning work, just do what you can.
Make special efforts to stay extra-hydrated, and don’t be afraid to
take more breaks than normal while your body attempts to regulate temperature.
You may not get the same “intensity” fix, but it’s just TRAINING.

Focus on movement refinement, and making each rep perfect.

If you have to TEST longer workouts in the heat…good luck.
Drink plenty of water ahead of time, and have extra on hand
to pour on yourself during the workout.

Happy training!



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